published: Oct 12, 2016 | last modified: Oct 12, 2016
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An explanation of conventions used on the site.

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The actual content is somewhat eclectic, and at times personal. However, I have endeavored to categorize the posts for selective content consumption. The categories are as follows:

I am a gamer. This runs the gamut from board games, through role-playing games, to online gaming; from participation, through administration, to design.
I earn a living as a programmer. As this was a chosen profession, I have a strong passion for many aspects of programming. This is where I will talk about mastery of my trade, and the design / development / implementation of software aligned with my interests.
I love to cook, read, watch movies, listen to podcasts, and many other things that give me life. And many other things like sailing, traveling, and tattoos that are on my bucket list for giving me life.
I enjoy working with my hands. My interests are quite varied, and at times unusual; scale models, labyrinths, sundials, musical instruments, solar power systems, and the ultimate outdoor kitchen are a few.
Something always pops up that does not fit comfortably into one of the above definitions. This would be the place for that.
This Conventions page and other tidbits (like licensing and About) that are related to the site in general will be found in this category. There will also be a series devoted to my thoughts on the construction of this site and how it changes.


Dates will normally come in pairs when they appear. The first half of the date is the original publication date of the content. The second half of the date is when the content was last modified. An example can be found just below the title of this page.


All links, whether internal to the site or leading to an external destination, are underlined. I do not use underlines for any other purpose. If a post is overly large I will include in-post menu links. An example (though this post is too short to warrent it) is just above the Categories heading near the beginning of this page.

Page Layout

Generally, a post will be laid out as follows:

categories:  info