published: Oct 12, 2016 | last modified: Oct 12, 2016
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This site is the third half of my brain. Created to help me organize — and hopefully achieve — the many goals I aspire to.


Somewhat older in body, but a kid at heart; joyfully married with the kids grown and out doing their own thing; not quite retired.

Breadcrumbs to now: skateboard park > military > Commodore 64 (I love that computer) technician > semiconductor industry > developmental technician > bachelors in psychology > phone and IT sweat shop help desk > west coast motel manager > microscopy control.

My current passions include role-playing games, functional programming languages, and cooking to name a few; the impetus of this site was to get a handle on and organize the many things I am working on and giving me life.

I can be quite opinionated — but these are my opinions — so no non-constructive he-said-she-said your-full-of-@#$% feedback please. I do, however, invite creative and critical additions to the conversation.

bytes and bards

For conventions used on this site see Conventions.

bytes and bards is structurally inspired by several Hugo themes - Hyde, Pixyll, GOA, and Rocktopus to name a few - and the Zen Habits WordPress theme philosophically. This site uses Hugo as the static site generator. As such, the framework of the site is under an MIT License. And here is a link to the Hugo Theme Showcase if you are interested.

The content is Copyright © Dwayne Summerfield, unless specifically identified otherwise within the appropriate context; the content is covered under a Creative Commons License.

Since it is a static site, and I don’t want to employ a lot of cruft to maintain it, I will update it as needed thought not an everyday thing. The reason for this statement is I delete the entire site and upload it anew each time I update it. This only takes about 10 minutes, but if you are on at that time, the site might act funny for a bit.

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