Oregon Bottle Drop Program
published: Sep 16, 2022 | last modified: Sep 16, 2022
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What began as a great idea is starting to get shoved under the rug by larger corporations.

Bottle Drop is a recycling center for legally recyclable cans and bottles. To encourage folks to recycle two things happened: Oregon raised their deposit to $0.10, and Bottle Drop began a program that allows the individual to maintain an account and accumulate funds within. The real plus is they had gotten several big name stores to sign on. The program would allow individuals to pull a voucher from their account, +20%, to spend in the store. So $80 turns into $96 in the store. This is great!

Of course this requires the actual stores to participate. WinCo in Ontario Oregon takes the vouchers, so you would think that the company state wide would. Nope, WinCo in Eugene does not. Safeway is listed on the Bottle Drop website as a participant in the program. I went to Junction City, I little burb outside of Eugene, because I dislike the masses while shopping. That Safeway does not participate in the program. Reason given was since Junction City does not have a Bottle Drop center in the town, they do not have to participate in the program. I haven’t tried a Safeway in Eugene yet. Also, BiMart in Ontario participated, but BiMart in Veneta (western Oregon) does not.

So much for following the spirit of the program vs letter of the program. America is very turned around on many things, climate change and recylcing are two of them.

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