Lisp: Getting Started
published: Sep 4, 2022 | last modified: Sep 4, 2022
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A programming language that I have always been a fan-boy of is lisp. The language of parenthesis, which gives us something that no other language yet has – macros.

I am a total lisp newbee and I will be chronicling my journey to learn lisp.

I have several recommended lisp texts that I will be working through:

Of course I will begin with the one that teaches through games :-)

Emacs/slime/quicklisp/SBCL is setup and running correctly on my machine, and I have more texts teaching the use of emacs and the tools it provides.

Time for some fun learning!

  1. Barski, C. (2011). Land of Lisp: Learn to program in Lisp, one game at a time!. William Pollock.


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