Malazan Book Of The Fallen
published: Sep 15, 2022 | last modified: Sep 15, 2022
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On the advice of my nephew, I am reading the series Malazan, book of the fallen (Erickson, 2001 1). Wow!

I am one of those that cannot just read one book in a series. Gots to read ’em all. So when Louis recommended the series, I dropped $120 and purchased the entire 10 volume series. Nice thing, once I am finished, I know of at least two others that would like the series — re-gifting for the win.

So, Malazan. A small aside.

I love George RR Martins’ Game of Thrones (Martin, nd 2) series. I also enjoyed the HBO series as well, though as usuall, things never quite come out right on book translations to movies. Yes, I understand that some concessions must be made as some things in a book do not translate well (inner monolog for instance). The book series, unfortunately not finished, was REALLY gritty. I could taste the dirt on the shoes of the characters, the descriptions in the book so detailed and flavourfull. I love this in the few authors that do it well. However, it was almost too much. That is the feeling I have with Malazan.

I slew the first book, Gardens of the Moon, in thre days. Grabs you fast and hangs on for dear life. Moved into the next book Deadhouse Gates. Each remaining book in the series including Deadhouse Gates has about twice the page count of the first book, and the first book was a good sized paperback. Taking a few days before book three, Memories of Ice.

This series will be a similar read as Thrones; I have to work at it — these books are not “summer readers”. However, I do not have the same “too much” as Martins’ book. While Thrones was detailed on the local and here-and-now type, Malazan is detailed on the expanse of empires and time. Just when I feel like I am getting my head wrapped around the world, another bit of history is revealed, or another individual is introduced, and BANG we have another major war, a pull of ancient powers to the now. Truly continent, culture, and decade spanning. I believe Louis mentioned that the series encompases thousands of years of history and myth.

I am looking forward to the rest of the series!

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  2. Martin, G.R.R. (nd, I no longer have the books so the date of publication and publisher is unknown)

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