published: Sep 11, 2022 | last modified: Sep 11, 2022
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It is beginning to get difficult on the little things.

I can still button my shirts, though it is a very focused task to do so. Same with typing on a keyboard. The lack of, or change of, tactile feel is really hitting my typing words-per-minute.

Not sure if my experience is unique, but to me the neuropathy is like a coating. Not sure if the individual reading this post can relate, but have you ever bathed with water that has been softened (with a water softening system — a salting system). You soap up and it seems to take forever to get the slimy feel off your body — just can’t seem to get it rinsed off. Well, that slimy feel is what I feel all the time now on my fingers, toes, balls of my feet, tongue, and inside of my lips.

The feeling is reducing in intensity over time. It remains to be seen if it will clear before next treatment. If it doesn’t, some serious thought will need to be put into whether or not I continue with this particular chemo cocktail.

I have a few rank-and-flank minis to paint, and possibly a fleet, this winter. Need to keep the tactile bits working.

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