It Has Been A While
published: Sep 4, 2022 | last modified: Sep 4, 2022
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Yes. A looooong time. When last we TTYed I had started a Full Fury (Irinotecan). And were trying to come to grips with quitting work and moving to Idaho.

I’m still kicking, and every time I do chemo, the cancer stalls, and if it stalls long enough, we surgically remove it. During the last two+ years I have received two rounds of chemo and two major surgeries (bi-lateral lung resction and liver resection). Enough reminiscing.

My current status is I still have cancer. I had tumors in my mediastinum area (beneath the breast bone) that were shown to be mitigated after a round of radiation (oh ya, did I mention that I also did a round of radiation also in the last two years) which means we think they are seeing just scar tissue, but they cannot be sure. I also have two tumors in my lungs, but the chemo is having its way with them, which is good.

The current round of chemo is Full Fox (oxaliplatin), which is the one that give the pins and needles discomfort with anything cold. We had stopped it before (this cocktail was the second round of chemo I did) because of neuropathy. Usually they stop it when you begin finding it difficult to perform fine motor functions – buttoning a shirt is an example. However, I was experiencing [numbing of my tongue and roof of my mouth](/2018/05/chemo-session-05/. This time, the oncologist directed to have the cocktail infused over half again as much time – instead of infusing in two hours we are doing it in three hours. This has allowed me to tolerate the neuropathy better, but also the advance of the neuropathy is stunted some. Next week will be infusion 7 of this chemo round.

By the way, I never normally wear button up shirts except as an over shirt (winter) and I don’t button it. For this reason I try to attend all my chemo treatments with a button up shirt both as a test for how far the neuropathy has progressed and ease of getting access through my port.

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