Settling In
published: Jun 15, 2020 | last modified: Jun 15, 2020
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Julie and I are now settled (temporarily) in Emmett with Julies’ parents.

Everything we own is in storage (impossible without the help of friends and family) or the bedroom we are occupying in Emmett.

It’s tight and sometimes awkward, but we are very appreciative that we have a place to stay. Now it is a waiting game: waiting for our old bit of paradise to sell, waiting for time to pass so we can get into a place (rent or buy).

And the housing market in this area is nuts. Houses are listed and go pending within days if not hours. Those that are on the market for more than a week are overpriced or extreme fixer-uppers.

However, it is nice to see family and friends again that we have not connected with personally over the last several years.

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