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published: May 16, 2020 | last modified: May 16, 2020
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We are moving.

After lots of discussions and a bit of self-reflection, Julie and I have decided to move east.

We both want to be closer to the majority of our family and friends and it will be nice to be able to ask for help and support from the same.

We are looking at Ontario OR and the surrounding communities. This is still in Oregon so we can still honor 420 and close enough that a 45-minute drive will get us to the local loved ones.

Timing is a bit awkward. We need to get our current bit of paradise up for sale soon to take advantage of the summer buyers market. So we need to get moved out ASAP. But to do that we need to get our stuff moved. The current plan is to rent a storage unit in Emmett ID, pack up a Uhaul with all of our stuff, and drive it to Idaho and unload.

We will be staying with Julie’s parents. And waiting. Though I have been approved for disability, the first check doesn’t hit the bank until late October. We cannot start looking for a place until September. And of course, lots of other little things need to be done from now until then.

We are just hoping that the economy stays stable enough for us to accomplish this. We have already been in touch with a realtor and a financial person, and between the two have a good roadmap to follow on this our next adventure.

Why the eastern border of Oregon/western border of Idaho? Because it would be close to the Fruitland ID Mercy hospital Misty cancer treatment center. This not only saves a trip to Portland OR every two weeks but also may keep me away from the VA medical center in Boise, the establishment I feel caused the death of one of my best friends.

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