The New Shed
published: Oct 28, 2019 | last modified: Oct 28, 2019
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And a new couch!

We received delivery of our shed on the 24th and the couch on the 26th. Almost like Christmas around here!

Below are pictures of these events. The machine/trailer the shed was delivered on was amazing! Had tires that flipped down and hydraulic rails everywhere allowing it to move in all three directions (up/down, left/right, and fore/back).

When the man delivering the shed was preparing to leave, he moved the back of the trailer sideways to make it easier to back out. That’s kind of cheating and lots of cool!.

Pulling Up To The Drop Off Spot Pulling Up To The Drop Off Spot
Unstrapping The Shed Unstrapping The Shed
Unloading The Shed Unloading The Shed
Done With The Trailer Done With The Trailer (10 minutes to unload -- an amazing machine!)
Leveling Leveling
All Done All Done

When we ordered the couch one of the criteria was it had to fit through the door. It was obvious that the original couch had been placed inside through one of the slide openings. So our purchase was one that “needed assembly.”

We should have known since it is a sleeper sofa that it really couldn’t be disassembled. I needed to put the feet on. Thankfully, it did fit through the door.

The Feet The Feet
Sofa In Place Sofa In Place
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