I just want endless hot water
published: Oct 7, 2019 | last modified: Oct 7, 2019
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We are still working on getting settled into the new place, but the endless water heater is not cooperating.

Its been two weeks since the first installation of the endless water heater and it is still not working correctly. We purchased a residential endless water heater (details will come after we get it working correctly or return it) and after installation, it kind of works. The water gets kind of lukewarm.

After hooking up a manometer in accordance with the installation directions, it seems like I’m unable to adjust the maximum pressure. Mike suggested that perhaps it’s the propane regulator. It is a very old coach, and the regular doesn’t appear to be quite operating the way it should (the little indicator on the top). So I think I will install a new regulator before calling customer service.

So I replaced the regulator. Same behavior.

After I called customer service, they suggested I am not getting appropriate pressure out of the tank or through the line. A manometer reading at the appropriate port seems to confirm this.

So I replaced the entire gas line from the mainline to the water heater (1/4 copper to 1/2 flex). The same behavior — maybe slightly improved, but not hot water.

I went over to Mike’s place and we took some measurements from his working unit (different model, but same specs, and looking at the inside, appears to be the same hardware as well, just in different places). His generally reacts the same way as mine, so I was all fired up to call the company and ask for answers.

Mike then reflected a story about another individual in the park that had a similar issue with hooking up a residential grade furnace to a propane tank. The problem there was a lack of volume, not pressure. A single tank simply could not provide the amount of propane needed for the unit to properly operate. The solution was two propane tanks in parallel.

So that is the next step before calling the company again. I am going out today to purchase/assemble a “T” arrangement that will take the regulated output from two propane bottles and feed them to a single line. I will feed directly into the water heater.

Whatever I do though, I’ve got to do it quickly, we really need hot water in this place. And I’m getting tired of having to walk over to the public restrooms to take my shower every morning, in the dark, in the cold, and hope that someone isn’t doing laundry in the wee hours of the morning (then there is only warm water in the shower); and boiling water just to do dishes on a daily basis is also becoming tedious.

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