Port Maintenance Plus
published: Aug 23, 2019 | last modified: Aug 23, 2019
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Last port maintenance turned into a very informative visit.

Julie and I have lots of questions directly and indirectly associated with my terminal diagnosis. As such, I have been attempting to contact various resources by phone to get the answers, or a number for someone that can give us the answers.

Lots of calls and no responses is pissing us off. Not even a call back acknowledging we attempted to get a hold of the different departments. Our questions are quite varied on everything from hospice, through last will and testaments, to new drugs for fighting cancer on the market. Amazingly enough, even the Cancer Navigator, a position that is specifically assigned to help cancer patients find answers and resources, got at least three calls and not a single call-back.

So we mentioned this to the faculty in the chemo suite, more as conversation than demanding service as they are not one of the departments we are trying to get a hold of.

Bang! The nurses are on it! Before port maintenance was complete, they were waiting on call backs from one of the major departments, and we had an appointment immediately after the maintenance with my oncologist. The nurses in the chemo suite are very serious about the care their patients receive. We were able to get many of our questions answered.

The next appointment for actual blood-work along with the next set of scans is September 25th. The actual review of the results of the labs and scans will be October 2nd. After the review Julie and I will be attending our first mindfulness meditation session.

I am slowly getting more depressed as time goes on with little or no information as to whether or not what I am attempting to do to slow or stop the cancer is working; these classes may help both Julie and me to better cope with the situation, and though I am sure it will not completely take away the anxiety or depressive tendencies, I do want to be mentally in a place to take advantage and enjoy what remaining time I may have left.

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