The Next Adventure
published: Aug 2, 2019 | last modified: Aug 2, 2019
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After much discussion and thought, Julie and I are moving back into Fern Ridge Shores RV Park.

We both love Oregon, and we especially loved living at Fern Ridge. We have many friends that live there and fond memories of the place.

Though we do not especially like Idaho because of the climate and distance from the coast, that is where both of our families and friends are.

We have decided to remain in Oregon rather than move to Idaho. We plan on traveling extensively, which will include month-long stays in Idaho to visit family and friends. However, we do not desire to live there. For these, and other reasons, we are once again downsizing (to both save financially and minimize the clutter that seems to just take away from the important things) to life in an RV.

We have found a buyer for the current steading and will be moving out over the next month or so. Stay tuned for updates.

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