Dr. Budwig, the Gerson Theory, and Chris Wark
published: Aug 12, 2019 | last modified: Aug 12, 2019
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Naturally, with my current terminal diagnosis, I am researching all kinds of things to slow or stop the cancer. Two prominent protocols have come to light: the Budwig protocol and the Gerson Theory.

Both alternative medical approaches to defeating cancer have many similar guidelines that generally lean toward a more healthy lifestyle — more exercise and specific (generally plant based) foods. I even looked at the program offered by Chris Wark.

I have done a lot of reading and watching videos. In the end, I need at least some small basis of scientific evidence to lean on. For this reason much of my research, or debunking of other’s claims, has taken place on medical websites and Science-Based Medicine. Chris Wark’s program specifically is debunked on that site.

The Gerson Theory’s unusual attribute that stands out is the coffee enema. This is not favored with scientific evidence. However, if it was, I would do one daily if it was shown to fight cancer.

Dr. Budwig does have studies, though her work was conducted mostly outside of America. The big thing in her protocol is our general lack of omega-3 fatty acids in our diets. Her recipe and directions are simple enough that even if it doesn’t help, it surely wont hurt.

Below is a summary of the research from many sources I have done.

Budwig Protocol

If suffering from cancer, it is recommended consuming up to 8 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (in the mixture outlined below) daily. Otherwise, 1 tablespoon per day to prevent cancer.

The Mixture

1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil and 2 tablespoons of organic low fat cottage cheese or quark is recommended for every 100 pounds of an individual.

The Diet

I follow many of the things she outlines in the diet, though I am sticking with hard keto rather than avoiding animal fats and meats (though few studies exist, there are studies). I am consuming 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day using the recipe above.

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