Looking Toward the Future
published: Jun 24, 2019 | last modified: Jun 24, 2019
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I went back and re-watched some of Dr. Berry’s videos (Ken D Berry, MD), specifically the ones directly addressing cancer.

Cancer Loves Sugar? 3 thoughts to ponder…

4 Ways the Ketogenic Diet Fights Cancer (The Last One is Big)

I then followed the link to the paper he refers to in the second video:

Can a Ketogenic Diet Help Fight Cancer?

Main Takeaways

The Plan


The goal is not to cure cancer; though that would be awesome, it’s highly unlikely. Rather, I want to extend both the time and quality of my life, allowing Julie and me more time with family, friends, and each other. Along the way, we might tick a few things off our bucket list.

That’s it for now. Julie and I are still wrapping our heads around what this means for the future. More on that later.

It may sound like I am pretty Ok with this. I am not.

In fact, I am really angry. Angry that my time with family, friends, and particularly Julie, has been cut drastically short. I am angry because I don’t believe I deserve this. I am angry because I will not be here to take care of Julie the way she deserves. Right now I am just plain pissed off!

But it does no good to be angry at anything but cancer. The doctors have done what they can. I am just disappointed in what science has achieved in the field of cancer research in general and colon cancer specifically, as I was lead to believe my case was one of the common ones.

Julie and I sometimes yell at the world together, sharing our anger. Sometimes we cry together, reaching for some small bit of hope together. At times I cry when alone; sad, angry, and just wondering why me, why us. I am pretty sure she does this as well.

So no, I am not Ok with this. We are not Ok with this. Everyone we have spoken to is not Ok with this. But there is no one to blame. That is why Julie and I are making plans to fight with whatever means is feasible. And we are also fighting to spend as much quality time together, with friends, and family, as we can.

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