June Update
published: Jun 20, 2019 | last modified: Jun 20, 2019
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We have done lots in the last several weeks.

Mostly a whole bunch of little things that add up to bigger changes. See the gallery and attendant comments below.

We finally got the dishwasher installed, and we purchased a nice little hutch for the dining room. The hutch was $50 and is an old-school — solid and quality craftsmanship. On display are some of our sentimental favorites.

Dishwasher Dishwasher
New Old Hutch New Old Hutch

What follows is a quick tour of the current state of the house. It definitely is more “lived-in” now!

Dining Room Dining Room
Dwayne's Office Dwayne's Office
Julie's Office Julie's Office
Kitchen Kitchen
Master Bath 1 Dining Room Stuffed
Master Bath 2 Master Bath 2
Mud Room Mud Room
Spare Bedroom Spare Bedroom
Tool Repository Tool Repository (in the corner of the living-room)

Julie and I are enjoying the local flora and fauna — well, mostly. We have at least one pair of squirrels that frequent the bird feeders and harass the furry kids, and lots of different bird varieties (one in particular we are calling a “wild canary” as it looks like a little yellow canary). However, there is a problem child.

We have one Robin that seems to really not get windows. Below is just one such session of many on two of our western facing windows. The episodes have subsided, so either the bird is getting the hint or is too injured to make further attempts.

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