New Appliances
published: May 8, 2019 | last modified: May 8, 2019
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The new appliances arrive and of course, the fridge doesn’t fit.

We had measured previously and knew the refrigerator was too tall for the allotted space. I removed the cabinets above the fridge area several days ago in prep for the delivery (I hate using those cabinets anyway — things get lost up there). I failed to measure the width though. The allotted space was just a bit too tight to slip the fridge in.

I ended up pulling the cabinet between the stove and fridge, moving it over one inch and resetting it. The stove had lots of play so no problems there.

The dishwasher, because it is not plug-n-play, has to be installed by someone certified. Waiting to be contacted for installation; using the dishwasher as a dining room table until then.

New Appliances 01 Yay!
New Appliances 02 Sad face; doesn't fit.
New Appliances 03 Yay! Everything now fits!
New Appliances 04 I wonder if it is lonely or relieved not to be installed yet.
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