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published: May 28, 2019 | last modified: May 28, 2019
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Well, sort of. Everything we own is now at least on the lot or in the house.

Wonderful and chaotic is the best way to categorize this last weekend. Kristopher came up for Memorial Day weekend and worked his butt off! Not only did he help us move what little was left in Leslie and Robyn’s storage shed, but also the trailer containing basically our entire household of stuff. And then he replaced the sub-floor in Julie’s office!

That man is accumulating quite the knowledge base and skills around construction, and it shows in his work. We are so thankful for his help!

Here are a few pictures of the work completed in the last week or so and specifically this last weekend.

Things that got done.

Mudroom Light 1 Hard at work ...
Mudroom Light 2 ... installing the new fancy light.
Bed Done Bed Done
Laundry Done Laundry Done
Mudroom Done 1 Mudroom Done 1
Mudroom Done 2 Mudroom Done 2
Keys Done Keys done; when you live full time in an RV, it is kind of a tradition that all keys are placed in one convenient place. Our dear friends Lou and David gave us this little birdhouse many years ago, and though it had been put up and used some, it never felt right. It feels right now.

Things that got stuffed.

Dining Room Stuffed Dining Room Stuffed
Living Room Stuffed Living Room Stuffed
Guest Room Stuffed Guest Room Stuffed
Dwayne's Office Stuffed Dwayne's Office Stuffed

Julie’s office makeover.

Memorial Weekend Hero Memorial Weekend Hero

This past Easter Weekend, Julie’s Dad was the Hero (new roof and guest room sub-floor). This weekend, Kristopher.


Hard at Work 1 Hard at Work 1
Hard at Work 2 Hard at Work 2
Sub-floor Complete Sub-floor Complete

Much more had been accomplished just no pictures, such as the over-stuffed outside shed was completely emptied, gorilla shelf installed, and shed repacked with room to spare.

Lots of work, but little bits and pieces are beginning to feel like home. And one huge step forward as Julie’s office no longer smells like a cat litter box!

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