Mothers Day, 2019
published: May 12, 2019 | last modified: May 12, 2019
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Mothers Day this year is particularly difficult.

My daughter was born on Mothers Day. I will never forget as I carried Jamie to the nursery from the delivery room. We passed through a darkened area, and she opened her eyes. From that day on she was my “Bright Eyes.” A bit later I called my mom and said “Happy Mothers Day Grandma.” It took five minutes for both of us to stop crying and blubbering to each other. This was her first grandchild.

So Mothers Day this year is really hard as I reflect on mom’s passing and the joy my kids had given my mom and I. A consolation is that mom was able to delight in the addition of Julie’s children as grandkids, and their kids as great-grand-children, before she passed.

You are missed so much mom and dad.

Julie and I are thankful every day for our combined six kids and seven (so far) grand-kids that bring such joy to our lives.

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