The Toilets
published: Apr 28, 2019 | last modified: Apr 28, 2019
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With one of the three smell areas cleaned up, and the other two shellacked (multiple coats), the smell is tolerable enough to move in. However, the thrones are in no condition to our buttocks.

The toilets are disgusting and both leak by. At a minimum, I would have to replace the guts of both. We decided to just get new ones. Two toilets later, we can now inhabit the steading. No floors, no appliances (coming soon) and we are not moving our stuff in until Julie’s office sub-flooring has been replaced, but we are moving in any way— all part of the adventure!

Of all the skills my dad taught me, I think I have used toilet maintenance and replacement the most. Lots of things down the toilets (mystic knight and cloth diapers) and problems with toilets (leaking tank, leaking valve inside and out, etc.). Yeah, me and toilets have a thing.

Toilet Replacement 01
Toilet Replacement 02
Toilet Replacement 03

And they have the cool no slam lids — fancy!

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