Taking Possession Of The New Homestead
published: Apr 4, 2019 | last modified: Apr 4, 2019
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Yesterday we finally got to go inside and we purchased the place. We are hoping we didn’t make a mistake.

We had never personally met a “cat lady” before. And, if you go by the account of other sources, she really wasn’t a cat lady per se since she only had 2 cats. However, the stink and hair seemed to me of a dozen cats. Other than that and an unusual taste in style, the place seemed pretty solid.

Something we learned before and up through today:

Julie and I thought this was kind of weird; apparently, it is to make the place look homier. We philosophically have no problem with this, but it would reduce the privacy from the road of any rooms we do this to. We have decided to put one window in and that will go in the room I will be using for my office. The guest room will maintain its privacy.

Once again, Julie and I embark on an adventure. Right off, this adventure shows it will have many obstacles before we call it our own.

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