Guest Room Sub-flooring
published: Apr 24, 2019 | last modified: Apr 24, 2019
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If Dad is not fishing or sleeping — he is working. Dad immediately started on the sub-flooring in the guest room after finishing the roof.

Though it is technically not too challenging to replace a sub-floor, it is the surprises you find on the way that make the job difficult. In the case of this project, we found that not only was the room used as a bed and play area for the previous owner’s cats but the strays that pop up all over the park

Stays because pets are not allowed outside if not fenced or leashed; so those that have “outside” cats are just ensuring the “strays” don’t die from starvation as they feed them on their stoop.

also stayed beneath the cat lady’s cat room. They found or created a hole into the insulation area and bedded down. They also use the area for a litter box as seen below. So this cleanup was my job. I also have a note to crawl under the home sometime this summer and ensure any holes that do exist in the sub-flooring area are patched.

A further challenge was the processes used to construct a mobile home. Though it might be good to glue the sub-floor down to help prevent squeaks, it is hell to try and chip/grind/chisel the residue off of the floor joists in preparation for the new floor.

All went well though. The floor looks great and the smell in the room is gone. Just one (maybe two) more rooms to go.

Guest Room Sub-floor Replacement 01
Guest Room Sub-floor Replacement 02
Guest Room Sub-floor Replacement 03
Guest Room Sub-floor Replacement 04
Guest Room Sub-floor Replacement 05
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