After The Old Flooring Is Removed
published: Apr 4, 2019 | last modified: Apr 4, 2019
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The first thing we did was remove the old flooring, hoping the smell would get better. It didn’t, and we found more work.

Oh, the flooring had to be removed, for sure. However, because of the amount of cat urine in three of the rooms, the smell actually got worse as the particle board beneath had soaked it up as its own. Lots of swollen and discolored areas all over the house, but Julies office and the guest room were hit the hardest. We are only hoping sealant will do the trick.

After speaking with those in the know and doing a couple of hours research online we are using a shellac based primer in an attempt to seal the sub-flooring. We are pretty confident this will work in most of the rooms, but the laundry room, Julie’s office, and the guest room may need the sub-floor replaced. These areas are the strongest smelling.

We had to put a huge piece of visqueen on the roof as just a tarp over the suspected area over the guest room didn’t stop the leak. We are making arrangements to have the roofing materials delivered and Julie’s Dad is coming out to help us put the new roof on. We just can’t afford to have it done for us. Hopefully, with Julie and my labor and dad’s knowledge, we can get it done right and in short order.

No, I am not deluding myself. Roofing is HARD work and those that get paid to do it earn every penny. Did it when I was a teen. Really not looking forward to doing it at 58.

In all of the pictures below, we have not started painting yet. All of the partial paint job work (and there is just as much half-assed work on the outside) was the previous owner’s doing.

Here is the current condition of the place:

Flooring Removed 01 Guest Room
Flooring Removed 02 Guest Room
Flooring Removed 03 Dwayne's Office
Flooring Removed 04 Dwayne's Office
Flooring Removed 05 Common Bathroom
Flooring Removed 06 Living Room
Flooring Removed 07 Living Room
Flooring Removed 08 Julie's Office
Flooring Removed 09 Julie's Office
Flooring Removed 10 Dining Room
Flooring Removed 11 Kitchen
Flooring Removed 12 Laundry Room
Flooring Removed 13 Laundry Room
Flooring Removed 14 Master Bedroom
Flooring Removed 15 Master Bedroom
Flooring Removed 16 Master Bathroom
Flooring Removed 17 Master Bathroom
Outside 01 Front of Home
Note no windows; there will be one before the end of the year on the right side.
Outside 02 Back of Home
Outside 03 Left Side
Outside 04 Right Side
Outside 05 Back Yard
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