Crisp and Clean
published: Apr 25, 2019 | last modified: Apr 25, 2019
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And lots of caffeine!

An update on my latest status.

If the title didn’t portray the results, I will spell it out here as Dr. Lu put it

I am currently cancer free. Dr. Lu shared that, though one is not considered “cured” until cancer-free for five years, cancer normally comes back in the first two years if it does not go into remission. So moving forward, business as usual with scans, exams, and colonoscopy, frequently for the next few years.

Because of some of my post rectal resection and ileostomy take-down symptoms, the doctor diagnosed me with low anterior resection syndrome. That is one that has a

frequency/urgency of stools, clustering of stools (numerous bowel movements over a few hours), stool incontinence, no stool for a day or two or more and then numerous bowel movements another day, and/or increased gas
(WUSTL, Department of Surgery 1).

My symptoms to a tee. Thankfully it is recognized and measures can be taken to minimize the symptoms. There is also a good chance things may go back to close to pre-surgery normal over time (months to years). Mostly diet control.

However, in relation to being cancer free, these symptoms I am willing to manage. I am also hoping my move toward a keto lifestyle along with cannabis patches will help with keeping me cancer free.

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