THEE Storm
published: Mar 10, 2019 | last modified: Mar 10, 2019
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As in, the storm of the year here in the Eugene area. 24 inches of snow over two days, no power at the steading for 6 days, both vehicles stuck on the property, and we are in the middle of packing to move on a short timeline.

In the middle of January we accepted an offer on the steading. The closing was to happen in the middle of February. A short amount of time to get lots done. As the sale was being processed (house inspection, appraisal, the collection of appropriate paperwork and certifications, etc.) there was a problem on the part of the buyer’s sale of their original home. The closing was then pushed out to the first of March. Julie and I were thankful for this as we were behind on getting things done around here.

As we approached the end of February, we had 90% of the house packed in a trailer and storage shed leaving only the barest necessities for living. This includes the sale or gifting of all equipment like the top-of-the-line generator we had for the inevitable annual power outage during the winter. This generator would provide power for the well, the fridge, the freezer, and of course the coffee pot. Outages out here in the sticks last for days, not hours.

February 24th, a Sunday. That night we were supposed to get snow. After some momentary power outages, the power went down hard at about 2330. We woke up to 18 inches of snow — from nothing to knee-high overnight. No generator, so no poking around in the fridge or freezer. “Cowboy coffee” as my brother put it, melting snow so we had something to drink and flush toilets with, and cooking dinner all on our trusty wood stove.

Just a reminder, we are moving and need the place cleaned and moved out by the 1st of March.

Monday I manage to get my truck stuck and Julie’s car can’t make the 10-degree grade of our drive out of our property in the current conditions. Walking to bring in firewood results in snow over the lip of the rain boots, and we can’t even clean the house for the pending closing as there is no running — let alone hot — water. Oh, and it snows another 6 inches that night.

Tuesday we are able to get off the property onto relatively clear roads in the afternoon after a neighbor came by with his tractor to clear out four drives and the common road. He also pulled my truck out of the mud and snow I had it wedged into.

So, to summarize the week:

It was quite the ride and (knock on wood) we should close on the old steading this week. Below are pictures of our adventures during one of the worst storms the Eugene area has had in a very long time.

The first several are what we woke up to.

Any deeper and we would have needed a metal detector to find Julie’s car.

Monday Morning 1

Yeah, even in 4 wheel drive, I was going nowhere.

Monday Morning 2

The normally empty frame hung for decoration gets new panes.

Monday Morning 3

I hope the bird in that bird-house has insurance coverage as good as the snow coverage.

Monday Morning 4

This is where we determined our estimate of the snowfall. The news verified our estimate.

Monday Morning 5

The back deck.

Monday Morning 6

Not sure if the tree will survive. Many of the branches were broken.

Monday Morning 7

Olivia, looking for a wee bit of grass to do her thing on. She didn’t find it.

Monday Morning 8

I am just thankful the structures around our place were generally strong. Several old barns and other structures in our area collapsed under the snow’s weight.

Monday Morning 9

Don’t know what we would have done without a wood stove.

Making Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee

Making Dinner

Making Dinner

Making flushing/drinking water. It takes a LOT of snow to make water.

Making Flush Water

The Bed

The last real piece of furniture we hadn’t already packed before the storm hit. We moved it to the living room next to the wood stove.

The Bed
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