A New Year and a New Life — Verified
published: Mar 8, 2019 | last modified: Mar 8, 2019
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March 5th I underwent the first imaging scans since completion of treatment. March 6th we met with my oncologist. In short, Nothing!!!

Between the colonoscopy of last month and the results of this scan, my oncologist is putting my case into monitoring. I will get another scan in three months, and based on that scan, the time between should increase to six months. After a clean colonoscopy a year from now, the next will be three years.

This kind of monitoring will go on at reduced periodicity for the next five years. Only then will I be considered cured. Of course, monitoring will go on more frequently than folks never having cancer, but that is a small price to pay.

One of the great benefits of being placed on monitor status is the removal of my port. I can’t wear suspenders with it, and I would really like to get back to keeping my pants up. My oncologist is going to let Julie and I decide when the port might be removed. It is convenient for contrast scans, but again, the suspenders fall right on it. We are waiting until after the next scan at least. I am a bit apprehensive about removing it because of the tiny bit of hell installing it. The removal will probably not be as traumatic. However, if I need a port again in the future…

Nothing to report on the genetics visit because it didn’t happen. The details of one of the biggest storms in the Eugene area can be found here. I will be rescheduling this appointment.

Definitely a new year and a new life!

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