How To Learn Anything Fast
published: Feb 6, 2019 | last modified: Feb 6, 2019
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Today I watched a YouTube video about learning. Here are my notes and a link to the video.

A video hosted by Josh Kaufman titled “How to learn anything … fast.” I was quite impressed.

My notes:

A breakdown of the five-step formula:

  1. decide exactly what you want
    • the more clearly and refined you can define, it the easier it will be
    • define the desired performance level
  2. deconstructing the skill
    • the skill is usually a group of smaller sub-skills bundled together
    • identify the sub-skills
    • practice the sub-skills that are the most important first
  3. research
    • research just enough to identify the most important sub-skills
    • research just enough to provide understanding and the ability self-correct as you are practicing
    • find 3-5 sources to research for this understanding understanding
    • don’t allow the research to become a source of procrastination - you are skimming to identify sub-skills
    • identify the ideas and concepts and techniques that come up over and over and over again
    • these are the specific skills (sub-skills) you will be learning and practicing
  4. remove barriers to practice
    • make it easy to sit down and do the thing you want to get better at
    • remove distractions and remain focused during the time you set aside for practice
  5. pre-commit to at least 20 hours of focused deliberate practice before you begin
    • 40 minutes a day for 30 days
    • the first several hours of practice are frustrating - understand this will happen
    • by committing to 20 hours you guarantee you can push past that initial frustration and see results
    • 20 hours is long enough to see really dramatic results, but not so long it is a barrier to committing to that practice time in the first place
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