Bone Broth
published: Feb 1, 2019 | last modified: Feb 1, 2019
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Since Julie and I are trying to get serious with keto, I did some research combined many different “recipes” into a single on for bone broth.

Before Christmas, Julie and I had been on a keto lifestyle for about a month. We both lost a bit of weight, but more importantly, we both just plain felt better — reduced aches and pains, more energy, and high spirits (I also attribute some credit to this for my speedy recovery after my latest surgery).

The holiday, however, really knocked us off the wagon as we had lots of family and friends around and we, of course, did not force anything on any of them. Its the beginning of February and we both want to get back to feeling great.

As a part of this, bone broth is shown to be great for soups, general supplementation, and during fasts (intermittent or otherwise). So I went online and watched a lot of videos, and read a lot of recipes to get a feel for what goes into making bone broth at home. The recipe below is an amalgam of what I have learned distilled into a single recipe.

Shopping this evening for ingredients, and will be using the Instant Pot to make some bone broth this evening.

Bone Broth



Instant Pot

Use for soups, during intermittent fasting, during a 3-4 day fast, or just as a supplement any time.

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