A New Year and a New Life
published: Feb 5, 2019 | last modified: Feb 5, 2019
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Julie and I are relieved and feeling really good about the future. My colonoscopy gave me a clean bill of health.

I don’t recommend what I did — colonoscopy prep during the Super Bowl. But prep I did as Feb 4th was the earliest I could get in for the procedure. As I mentioned in a previous post, Julie and I were very anxious about this visit. August 2017 was the date that started this journey with the finding of cancer during that colonoscopy (The Ordeals of Life).

I followed the prep schedule to the letter (yuck), and we showed up at the appointed time to the VA clinic. After the expected strip-down and IV insertion, Dr. Panjala (the MOST caring and compassionate doctor Julie and I have ever met, and the doctor that found cancer initially) visited with us before the procedure to ensure we understood what he would be doing and to answer any questions. I expressed at that time my appreciation for him saving my life. If he had not insisted on a follow-up to the 2016 colonoscopy one year later rather than the normal three years, I would probably have been riddled with tumors in both my rectal/colon area and my liver, perhaps further. He stated “We are only human and do what we can help each other. It is a higher power to thank for the timing.”

Wheeled into the room, some chit-chat with the attendees, and we begin. I do not remember much because of the anesthesia, but the doctor made a point of pointing out exactly where the rectal resection took place and showed me the stables that still remain from the surgery.

In recovery, Dr. Panjala again visited with Julie and me to explain the findings. Only a single tiny polyp (though he suspected it was not a polyp because of the size, but he removed it anyway) was found, and overall things looked great.

This is the first of two critical monitoring methods. Next month the second — scans — is happening.

It is early 2019, a fresh new year! I feel really good, am healing from the last year’s trials and treatments well, and all scans and inspections show I am currently cancer free. Julie and I are both taking steps to improve wellness and health, and I am taking extra steps to help ensure cancer does not return. It feels like a fresh new life! We have been given a second chance and we are not going to squander it.

Posts should hopefully slow down in this cancer area. From here on it is monitoring and the occasional miscellaneous item like the upcoming genetics review on February 25th. Should give me more time to work on things that are fun and give me life rather than things that keep me alive.

PS Even though I was prepping I did get to watch the entire Super Bowl. Congratulations Ed, though I was rooting for the Rams.

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