Lazy Mail
published: Jan 28, 2019 | last modified: Jan 28, 2019
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It really torques me when someone blatantly does not do his or her job!

First, a bit of background. Our mailbox is on the street proper, but our house is along a frontage road to the street. One must travel some 50 yards from the mailbox, turn down a frontage road that services four residences, and we are second from the last on the frontage road. The mailman or woman that services our area knows this as once, when attempting to deliver a package, instead placed a slip in the mailbox stating it could not be delivered because of excess water. We had a sprinkler going that hit about a quarter of the drive. Wow! Really! I ended up going to the post office to collect the package.

Today, Julie is looking for delivery by UPS, and therefore was home all day, as Val was also. So two adults, one of which is the addressed individual on an envelope that requires a signature. A slip was left in the mailbox stating unable to deliver, and another two days later with “final notice” on it. Both days in which there was at least one adult home.

The postal delivery person didn’t even try. Horrors we want you to do the job WE as Oregon residences and as Federal taxpayers that pay your wages would like you to do! This particular postal employee must be practicing for a public office.

It’s little things like this that really piss me off!

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