2018 — The Year in Review
published: Jan 10, 2019 | last modified: Jan 10, 2019
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This past year saw many ups and many downs, as life normally does. In no special order, here is a review of the high and low points of the year.

Late in 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer. That one fact pretty much dictated most of the activities Julie and I would undertake for the next year.

Radiation treatments for five weeks, three major surgeries, and 29 weeks of chemo later, as far as modern medical science can determine, I am cancer free as of December 11th, 2018. During this time there were many hardships through which Julie and I pushed through — and I believe we would not have made it if it weren’t for the support we gave each other, and the support provided by family and friends all over the United States. For this support, we thank our friends and family from the bottom of our hearts!

December 2017 saw a new addition to our family — The Bear. Throughout the year we grew to love Bear with all our hearts; he brought a bit of youth back into our lives. Unfortunately, we had to find Bear a new home. Recently we had the pleasure of visiting with Bear’s new family (and Bear), and I am pleased to say he is just as spoiled there as he was with us.

Late June, my mother passed. Soon thereafter, her last remaining sibling also passed. A good thing that has come from this: Julie and I have become a lot closer with my brother John and his family, and my sister Dawn and her family. Its all about family and friends in the end.

During this year we missed attending a wedding; Louis and Jess, CONGRATULATIONS!

Julie and I are determined to change our lifestyle toward keto (thank you John) for better health and wellness.

Not a lot of highlights, but we were pretty busy with other things.

Things are really looking good for 2019; Julie and I can’t wait to get living it!

Our love to all of our family and friends!

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