Showering and Shots
published: Dec 19, 2018 | last modified: Dec 19, 2018
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Large areas of numbness on my abdomen make showering weird and shots half easy.

As with the rectal resection, I had to do a 28-day regimen of anti-clotting shots in my abdominal area to ensure my fresh surgery didn’t throw off clots. Though I didn’t explain it in that post, I don’t like needles, and here I am required to give myself shots. After that first surgery, it took me literally a full minute or minute and a half staring at the needle and my belly before mustering up the courage to actually plunge the needle in. This time it is not a problem.

However, a good hand span around my old ostomy site and now my new foot+ long stapled incision have numbness as my body tries to repair and recover from the different surgeries. Half the shots I don’t even feel, as I alternate between sides of my belly area for the shots. Half a plus?

When showering, and letting the water fall directly on my abdomen, I feel drops in some areas and nothing in others. It is a REALLY weird feeling, almost surreal. Took me several showers to register it as my new normal.

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