Liver Resection
published: Dec 16, 2018 | last modified: Dec 16, 2018
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Wow! This surgery went wonderfully as compared to my rectal resection. Surgery (major liver surgery) on the 11th and home on the 14th!

I got sick once soon after in the recovery room. Two minutes and all done; didn’t get sick any other time during my stay in the hospital. Even the doctors and nurses were impressed with how well I was doing. Got up the same day and took a short 10-foot stroll. The next I was off wandering the halls (with support and someone to make sure I wasn’t going to face plant of course).

Talking with the surgeons, they were correct; too much scar tissue to complete the surgery through laparoscopy. I have three small incisions where they tried, and then one hum-dinger of a cut where they laid me open right below my ribs. In the preop appointment, they explained that the area they were going for was on the dome of the liver. The dome is normally tucked up under the ribs, and I had a fear they would have to crack my sternum in order to get at it. I asked how they got to the dome, and they said “gravity.”

You see, when you have been knocked out on the operating room table, they can pretty much do anything they want. I was strapped securely to the table and then the table was moved to place me in a close-to-standing position. In this position, with the incision just below the ribs, my insides settle, and with a lack of support by the front abdominal wall, the liver dropped to within an operable area.


I am feeling pretty good considering, so they must have put everything back together correctly.

Below are pictures (appropriately hidden for those that do not want to see) of my stapled abdomen.

The Well Stapled Liver 1
The Well Stapled Liver 2

Yup, that would be 34 staples total.

Learned some interesting things about the human liver. They can take up to 3/4 of the liver and it will recover. “Will recover” means the liver will grow back to its full capacity. However, it does not regrow where the parts of the liver were removed. Your liver can roughly be divided into a left and right side. If they remove sections from the left side, the left side does not regrow. Rather the right side will grow its volume to make up for the loss of the left side’s function.

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