Liver Resection Preop
published: Dec 7, 2018 | last modified: Dec 7, 2018
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Julie and I meet with the surgeons that will be doing my liver resection.

Both the primary surgeon and main surgeons assistant were both professional and compassionate to my situation. That doesn’t mean we liked doing this any more than before. No matter how we politely rephrased it seems Julie and I cannot get them to understand that, while they are in there, take anything and everything that could be cancer; we don’t care if it didn’t light up on the pet scan.

They did, however, ensure us that, once in there, they would be using an ultrasound directly on the liver and their eyes. Contrary to popular belief, our imaging science and capabilities still cannot match a doctors trained eyes.

They did say that they were going to attempt to do the surgery via laparoscopy (a few small incisions and all the tools and such are inserted through these with the surgery performed from a monitor), though they did not hold a high chance for that. My previous rectal resection resulted in many of my internal organs being shifted around or just plain temporarily removed while the operation was performed. Once put back in, the interconnecting tissue would grow back, but it would “scar.” If this was the case, it would be difficult or impossible to do a proper liver resection with laparoscopy, and at that point, they would go ahead and open me up.

Surgery is scheduled for the December 11th.

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