We Say Goodbye To Bear
published: Dec 1, 2018 | last modified: Dec 1, 2018
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Today is a sad day. We had to let Bear go, but he is now with a wonderful and active family.

As soon as I got up this morning, I was reminded of the emptiness of the house. My normal routine is to first make coffee, all the while telling the very anxious Bear that “First we do the coffee, and then we do the things.” Once the coffee is brewing, he and I go out and he takes care of business, then we come in and he enjoys his breakfast. That has been the routine just about every day since we got him.

As an active and fun-loving dog, we were just not able to give the high energy Bear the home he deserved. The back yard never got properly fenced (due to many different roadblocks, not the least of which was the ground’s refusal to allow holes to be drilled in it) and because of my cancer and the many treatments we had to endure, Julie and I were both unable to interact with him as an owner should.

Pair this with the fact we will probably need to sell the house in the near future (with treatments and schedules we cannot afford, or maintain, the homestead), we wanted to ensure he got a great home. As usual, Julie pulled it off and found a wonderful home, with kids of all ages, a large fully fenced back yard, and parents that really want a big dog in their lives again.

The new family drove all the way from Vancouver WA last night, bringing two of their children with them, just to do the meet-and-greet to see if Bear would be a good addition to their home. They loved him, he loved them, and Julie and I feel he is going to a great new home.

He will never be forgotten, and we are happy (though tears of sadness are flowing down my cheeks as I write this) he will get a life he deserves as a loving dog. We love you Bear.

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