Oncology Consult for the Liver
published: Nov 15, 2018 | last modified: Nov 15, 2018
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After meeting with the oncologist, my options for any further chemo are limited.

As an aside, the oncologist says there are four spots in my liver, only one of which was active in the PET scan, so only one spot of cancer. I really don’t know how they know when previously the two from my initial scans had not changed size after the first round of chemo, then after the second round of chemo, they both had changed size. They really need to determine just how many there are, and how many they are going after. We just want them to go in and burn, freeze, electrify, or otherwise remove all of them.

To summarize the oncologist’s short list of options:

  1. We do the same regimen as we did before — 5FU with Oxaliplatin. I hack it as long as I can up to the recommended amount, then stop.
  2. I study with a particular cocktail was done that might be applicable, but after the explanation, it was not; my current physical condition did not match those in the study (individuals riddled with tumors throughout), and the final result was not acceptable (on average raised the life expectancy by two months). We immediately said no to this.
  3. No chemotherapy.

The oncologist did say she did not recommend number 3 but would support my decision if that is what I wanted, mostly because I was not doing well with the Oxaliplatin and she didn’t expect it to be any different if repeated. Upon further discussion, the oncologist did mention that I would only need to take 3 or 4 doses. Not sure why, but during the discussion with my regular practitioner in an annual appointment, she mentioned that it might be a lifetime dose thing. Don’t know, but will ask my oncologist when next we meet on January 30th to determine what path we take moving forward.

In the meanwhile, Julie has begun looking for a second opinion with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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