Prepping for Winter
published: Nov 9, 2018 | last modified: Nov 9, 2018
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Over the past several weeks, Julie and I with the help of Mel and Val, have been prepping for winter.

Over these last few weeks, we have been collecting wood, a half cord here, a cord there.

Half Cord

Though this pictures only shows the wood through the door, the “woodshed” is a bit larger and there is a whole cord within.

Full Cord

And of course for safety, the chimney must be swept and the stove cleaned out.

Chimney Sweeping

Lastly, prepping the area around the stove itself (removing decor, plants, and such from the area around the stove; stocking the wood rack and kindling bin; laying out the rugs).

Stove Supplies

We probably still need to pick up another cord of wood and I need to ensure all of the gas cans are full for the inevitable 3-5 day loss of power that will occur. Then we are ready.

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