2018 Thanksgiving
published: Nov 26, 2018 | last modified: Nov 26, 2018
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What an amazing surprise! Not once, not twice, but three times Julie made this Thanksgiving one of the best I have ever had.

The day before, Jamie pulled into the drive. I was pleasantly surprised as she had mentioned she had other plans. Made me very happy to see her on this holiday.

The next morning, out of the guest bedroom walks my sister! Julie had gone to the airport the previous night and picked her up. What a great surprise! There were tears all around, and my daughter caught my reaction below.

Seeing Dawn

Later that morning, in walks my brother, his better half, and his two boys! Once again, there were tears, and my daughter again captured my surprise.

Seeing John

What a fantastic weekend! What a most wonderful Thanksgiving! Julie has really raised the bar on pleasantly surprising each other! And thinking on it a day after the weekend, my spirit really needed having family around this holiday. I love you, baby!

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