Spam Calls
published: Oct 1, 2018 | last modified: Oct 1, 2018
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I hope the different cell phone manufacturers are keeping spam in mind when implementing their phone app.

More and more, as I “block and report spam” on my phone for the many spam calls I get (even after requesting both automated and verbally to be taken from their call list), I wonder if there is a limit on the size of the table that I keep adding numbers too.

And, since I block the numbers, there may be another problem. We all know that phone numbers are recycled. When an account is closed, the number becomes available for a future account. Since the spam callers usually purchase large blocks of numbers, use them, and then throw them away (ever try to call back one of those numbers - within hours it is not valid), the numbers are recycled back into the phone number pool eventually.

As I block these numbers, I wonder if a future family member, friend, or acquaintance of mine will pick up one of these recycled numbers on a new cell. If they do, did the software houses that develop the cell phone apps take this into account? And if so, how are they handling this? It almost seems like there needs to be some agency that can be asked if a number has been recycled, and therefore allowing it through. However, if the number was picked up again as a block of future spam numbers, the block would still be valid.

We really need to (as a technology using people) solve this issue of spam. Even with being placed on the do not call list I receive some 4 spam calls a week on average.

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