Surgery Date Set
published: Sep 7, 2018 | last modified: Sep 7, 2018
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Received scheduling for my ileostomy reversal!

On September 21st Julie and I head to the Portland VA for pre-surgery processing: blood-work, signing a bunch of paperwork, talking to lots of folks about the risks, directives, etc. Much of the same stuff done before the first surgery. Then on October 12th, probably in the very wee hours of the morning, I will undergo surgery. Ironically, Julie and I had planned to stay on the coast for that weekend — our anniversary is October 12th. Now we get to spend it in the VA hospital.

Since the last treatment, I have begun expressing many different symptoms from the chemotherapy (at least I am assuming (and hoping) it is from this; this would mean they may go away). Some of them may be due to other symptoms healing, such as my neuropathy in my hands and feet. Others I have no explanation for.

The rash around my nose/cheeks and eyebrows is a bit worse and the neuropathy comes and goes, but when it comes it seems a bit less each time (fingers crossed for a full recovery here). Some of my old symptoms are back with a vengeance — the peeling and blistering of my feet. Sometimes the blisters at the joint of my toes where they meet the foot are painful enough that I purposely pop them, clean them, and slather them in anti-bacteria cream before putting a band-aid on them. They hurt much less then.

Blisters and Peeling

Something new is the splotching/rashes on my shins. Both shins developed this symptom a week after my last treatment. Still there today, though the amount seems to have slowed down.


Something I noticed before and mentioned has really come out now. Each time I received a chemo treatment, my body “recorded” the event with a disturbance in the growth of my toe and fingernails. In the picture below, just glancing at it you would think nothing unusual. If you look closely at the nail of my index finger you will notice little ripples (6 or 7 of them) represented as bands of light and dark (shadows). All of my finger and toenails exhibit this.


Also, in this second picture below you can see “streaking” along the length of the nails. This is also on all of them. And my nails are all very brittle. Looking closely at the picture you may see where the index and middle fingernails have in the past split up the center. Careful trimming and letting them grow long before cutting them was the key to not splitting the nails right up the bed toward the quick.

Streaked and Brittle

I do another quick update after the pre-op. Other than that, the next post should be me without an ostomy.

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