Imaging for Second Surgery
published: Sep 6, 2018 | last modified: Sep 6, 2018
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Messy, uncomfortable, and probably the ultimate in enemas, but the imaging in preparation for surgery to reverse my ileostomy is complete.

As mentioned in the last post, the dye for the imaging was to be introduced through the lower half of my stoma. This is exactly what occurred, and the doctor and nurse were both patient and professional.

After inserting the catheter into my lower stoma (didn’t feel a thing, which was weird) the doctor began injecting the dye through it. I believe the doctor input close to a gallon, no exaggeration. During the last half-gallon, the pressure was beginning to build and eventually became very uncomfortable, borderline painful. That was when I informed the doctor that if he put anything more in there, it felt like I would start leaking out the other end.

Images and x-rays were taken, and then I was allowed to relieve myself. Wow! That was one thorough cleansing — probably the ultimate enema since my entire lower intestine and colon were filled to overflowing (sitting up caused a bit of the dye to begin squirting out of my lower stoma).

There were dye spray and leakage everywhere from the procedure, but it is done. I hope to hear from Dr. Lu on the results and get a date for my surgery soon.

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