Second Surgical Consult
published: Aug 30, 2018 | last modified: Aug 30, 2018
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Had a surgical consult with Dr. Lu yesterday, and things are looking up.

After asking me some basic questions, Dr. Lu explained that I will need to wait a full month for my body to heal from the last chemo treatments. Surgery will be scheduled to occur after that month has elapsed. In the meantime, I let the vampires take blood as Dr. Lu wanted to ensure I was not showing markers for cancer. He also is requiring a very specific imaging procedure.

The radiologist is to inject die into my lower intestinal area (the colon and rectum) through the part of my stoma that leads to that area. Then the CT scan is performed. Got a bit scared as Dr. Lu explained I should not allow the radiologist to put anything up my anus. It is common when taking images of the colon area to inject the die through the anus and then insert a small balloon to inflate to keep the die in. Dr. Lu explained that the area where the balloon would be placed is the area he performed the surgery (removed the cancer from). If they do this there is a good chance they will injure or rupture the previous work in the area, which would result in me having an ileostomy permanently for the rest of my life.

Yeah, they aren’t putting anything up my backside. Dr. Lu specifically said if there was any problems or questions to have the radiologist give him a call.

Wow! Though it has been a long road, the end of the tunnel is finally visible. If the surgery takes place the end of September or the beginning of October, 2-4 days in the hospital, and six weeks to fully recover, that means it may all be done before Thanksgiving and the holidays. That would really be something to be thankful for!

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