Chemo Session Twelve - CHEMO DONE!
published: Aug 28, 2018 | last modified: Aug 28, 2018
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Session 12 done — the last treatment! The last two weeks just crawled by.

The Sunday following my last treatment I showed some indiscretion in my eating that resulted in a blocked ileostomy. A blockage on Sunday and taking the following Monday off, sleeping most of the day. Not something I want to repeat.

The week before the treatment took about a month to pass by. Julie and I made great time getting to the VA hospital, got in early, and got started with the treatment in good time. Coram, though an hour later than they said they would be, showed up well before they normally do. As a result of all of this time savings Julie and I got out of Portland well before we normally do.

I am the night!

Before leaving the VA hospital the nurse made arrangements for a surgical consult with Dr. Lu on the 29th of August. The final step of my treatment, ostomy reversal to put my body back to the way it was before my diagnosis just over a year ago. It is hard to believe that Julie and I have been fighting this (with the help and support of countless friends and professionals) for over a year. Hopefully soon I will get the surgery completed and then I only need to concern myself with healing after the chemo and surgery.

Symptoms this time are milder, though present, on the rash of the hands/forearms and feet. However, I am seeing more rashing on my nose, beneath my eyes, and on my brow. I am also seeing unusual markings on my shins; not a rash and not blisters, just splotches. I am so glad this is over and I can now just heal.


Splotches on the Shin

Bottom of my feet

Blisters and Peeling

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