Tarot Spell
published: Jul 25, 2018 | last modified: Jul 25, 2018
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Tarot spells in a modern day setting.

The big spread forms a tetrahedron around the globe. The purpose of which is yet to be determined. Perhaps one of the cards is not aligned perfectly and we are waiting for it to align, perhaps by a natural disaster, the move of a building, the move of a circus, the move of a ship, a tattoo on an individual, something. And only when it is in place can the big spell be invoked. This will put pressure on the participants racing the “clock.” Therefore the big spread has 4 cards in it. The medium spread each consists of 4 cards, 3 for the actual spell and the subject, with the subject being another card (other than the one this medium spread is sitting on) in the big spread. The purpose of each medium spread is to provide a more solid magical connection from one card to the next and in fact, subtly points out the path that should be taken when following the big spread. The little spreads on top of each of the medium spreads are all different, even between the locations of the big spread. Each is either an offensive or defensive protection spell to protect the area from things and events that could disrupt the spread at a location. Example: one spread is in a Mayan temple, surrounded by rain forest/jungle - quite humid and rains a lot. One protective little spread might be to keep all the cards dry, including the big one.

Card one in the big spread is visited twice - first and last. Card four should be the moving card; by stopping the motion they have stopped the big spell. However, that layout is a decoy and the real one is still moving in place. This should be realized as they have something received from each card having path-worked and the items are unusual, or realize because they happen upon the first card just as the antagonist begins the big spread spell.

The second card is the one where they loose there path-working guide (NPC), but one of the party members will have learned enough under his tutelage to continue in his or her footsteps.

Perhaps each of the subject cards, within the card, has been convinced to perform some kind of ritual at some set signal or portent, thereby activating the “connection” spell in each medium spread. This would provide the opportunity for great variety among magics.

Remember, each card path-worked will use a different randomizer mechanism. Card three should be the one where they think they are out, but they are not.

Possible sites: stone henge, Mayan temple (Guatemala), pyramids (Egypt), Bermuda triangle, the meteor crater in Arizona, easter island, Hawaii (this would be the water), Ayers Rock (Australia), underground city in turkey, T’ai Shan mountain in China, the Taj Mahal Consider red herrings

A visible one such as stone henge might be visible only under certain circumstances such as a full moon. Look for something in Japan, China, India, Russia

So what is the purpose of our antagonist

Perhaps several of these could be selected as side effects while the spell at the different locations is winding up and preparing to go off.

The place of the major effect is actually opposite the primary spell on the globe If we go with the side effect thing on spell windup, perhaps the culmination of the adventure, or a reasonable alternative ending, is to connect the local effects. Deliver the bad news, like sterility.

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