Chemo Session Ten
published: Jul 28, 2018 | last modified: Jul 28, 2018
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Session 10 done — only two more treatments to go!

Because of the rash and blisters that occurred on my lower arms and feet, another adjustment was made to my therapy. Usually, I sit and infuse Leucovorin over about two hours. I then get a “bolo” which is a jump-start type of dose of 5FU over 10 minutes. Last, I hook up to Corina (the Coram pump that delivers 5FU in very small doses over the next 46 hours).

In an attempt to narrow down what may be the trigger for the rash and blisters, we are removing the bolo from this treatment. If the rash and blisters do not show up, then I will probably not receive the bolo during the last two treatments. If it does present again, I don’t know what we will do.

A bit of future business was taken care of this last week. I now have a schedule for imaging and an appointment with my oncology doctor to see what the result of all of this came down to. The appointment is in the middle of October. Plenty of time to heal after the last treatment, so I expect to start making arrangements for other imaging and surgery soon after my last treatment.

I am both excited and anxious about the oncology imaging — we will get to see if this small amount of hell was worth it.

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