Chemo Session Eight
published: Jun 22, 2018 | last modified: Jun 22, 2018
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Chemo session eight is done.

This trip, I agreed to add back in the Oxaliplatin in a reduced dose. However, my oncologist insisted that we leave it out because of the severity of the symptoms I was seeing with it. Even with no Oxaliplatin, a day after de-accessing the 5FU and Corina, the neuropathy symptoms returned, including the tongue and mouth, though not as severe as last time.

So, it looks like the Oxaliplatin that is lingering in my system is reactivated each time I infuse the Leucovorin. But, as the Oxaliplatin concentration fades, the Leucovorin has less to amplify. And hopefully, in the end, the neuropathy will be temporary and eventually all go away.

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