Chemo Session Seven
published: Jun 4, 2018 | last modified: Jun 4, 2018
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Chemo session seven is now part of history.

Again, because of my symptom severity, we did not infuse Oxaliplatin. And like last treatment, the neuropathy symptoms, including the tongue and mouth, have risen again, though I believe not quite as high as after last treatment. Hard to tell so early. It is Monday, and normally I would be having some nausea about now, but nothing yet. It is early after the treatment though.

Julie got the impression the nurse practitioner may have thought I was “faking” my symptom severity after the previous treatment so I would get out of infusing the Oxaliplatin. Which would be stupid on the nurses part, because if I didn’t want Oxaliplatin, I would just refuse it. The treatment make up is my choice (within parameters of my particular cancer), and I can refuse or adjust as desired.

I did confirm my theory on why the symptoms returned so strong with the nurse practitioner, and there is no “line” before which we know if the neuropathy symptoms are permanent. I could have permanent neuropathy even now.

That is all for now, maybe an update as I monitor the symptoms throughout the week.

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