It’s the Little Things
published: May 16, 2018 | last modified: May 16, 2018
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That bring blessings to one’s life.

Here are two pictures that inspire me to slow down and enjoy life.

The first is the Bear, waiting barely patiently, for me to throw the “brown rag thing” on my lap. Note: the brown rag thing used to be a stuffed monkey. The stuffing had been extracted over the course of two days (mostly), and several of the limbs and other peripherals — like ears and nose — were deftly ripped off a couple days later. What is left is the unrecognizable brown rag thing you see here. However, it’s his “favorite thing!”

Bear and the Monkey

The second is our Christmas cactus, so named as it only blooms at Christmas. So much for only blooming a Christmas. And at Christmas, it had at least 10 blooms on it over the month. Beautiful!

Christmas Cactus
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