Toe Hold
published: Apr 2, 2018 | last modified: Apr 2, 2018
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An inn on a cliff-side hanging out a bit and overlooking the town/city below. The view is spectacular and the proprietor fair and stubborn. It is here the tri-annual tournament of “the game” is held.

The proprietor maintains the prices reasonable and allows anyone in with money. For this reason, the upper class does not regularly frequent the place, though there are some exceptions. The proprietor has been offered large sums of money for the place and some have even resorted to threat tactics to get a hold of it, as it is prime real estate. The proprietor owns the entire cliff and isn’t selling to anyone. The potential is there to make a lot of money off of the rich and shameless, but the proprietor will not budge. There have been a few threats of violence and attempts on his life, but all schemes to date seem to fall through.

Why or how are the extreme attempts to acquire the property foiled?

Toe Hold hosts a tournament of “the game” which occurs once every three years. The game is the reason he is able to maintain the place. Many that play the game take it very seriously and some are powerful beings. The fates of entire nations and several people’s souls have hung in the balance, many have gotten rich, and many have lost fortunes gambling on the outcomes of the game. Some have used it to decide matters of honor. Some have been known to enter and leave slavery because of playing the game.

What does the game look like? Is it mental, physical, spiritual, some combination?

The proprietor takes great pains and spares no expense to ensure that anytime the game is played in his place it is not rigged and no cheating in any way occurs. The game is known widely throughout select elite circles. Many feel the game has deep philosophical meaning and implications, and a small cult has grown around the game.

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