Chemo Session Four
published: Apr 25, 2018 | last modified: Apr 25, 2018
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I completed chemo session four a few days ago. Though I had an extra week to heal up because of platelet counts, it really hit me hard this time, and I am expressing new side effects.

The normal side effects are back. However, some are more severe, and I have a few new ones.

The neuropathy in my hands is a bit worse. A new symptom is neuropathy in my tongue and mouth. Results in a really bad mouth feel, and as such I am not wanting to eat or drink anything. I am forcing myself to, but several times I have gagged because of this. The nausea is also back a bit stronger.

The sharp ache for 5 seconds in my jaw joints is also more severe. Previously it was about a 6 on the pain meter. It is now an 8 or 9 — just short of tears. It still has the same parameters though; happens on the first bite or drink of some things, and will not come back for an hour or so of not eating or drinking.

This trip was much more pleasant. Julie’s son Kristopher came to visit for several days, and went with us to Portland for my treatment. Great company and it was great to see him. We made him promise to visit again soon.

This post is short, not feeling it. Hugs all.

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